Welcome to the village of Markkuu

Welcome to the village of Markkuu! Kuva Matti Alasaarela 2015.
Welcome to the village of Markkuu! Kuva Matti Alasaarela 2015.

Markkuu is a cozy, pleasant village near Oulu. Distance to town is about 40 km and to the center of Tyrnävä 8 km. Our village has some 300 inhabitants. There are plenty of families with children and many families have animals such as dogs, cats, chicken, cattle and horses. The heart of our village is 60-year old small elementary school, which is no longer in used as a school but acts as an important place for different activities for our villagers.

Versatile nature is a big strength of Markkuu village. There is traditional country side with wide open fields, where large flocks of cranes and whooper swans stop and rest every spring and autumn. But when you get to know our village more closely and visit Markkuu nature trail, you experience a totally different type of landscape. Our 9 km long nature trail goes through a fabulous spruce forests, meadows and beautiful river banks. At times the path goes through pine forests which are full of lingonberries and blueberries. Along the trail there are two campfire places in where you can rest and eat your packed lunch.

In Markkuu village you have wonderful possibilities to many outdoor activities such as horse riding, dog sled driving, bird watching, skiing, snow shoe walking and many many others.In the Rauhionoja shooting range you can practice shooting in good conditions. In the vicinity of the shooting range there is a very popular and nice swimming place with sandy beach.

The people of our village are active and eager to do voluntary work. We develop our village all the time. In the future Markkuu village can hopefully offer also different kind of food and housing services for example hikers, bikers and other visitors of Markkuu.

You are warmly welcome to the multifaceted village of Markkuu!