Markkuu nature trail goes through fabulous spruce forests, meadows and beautiful, lush river banks. At times the path goes through pine forests which are full of lingonberries. Also blueberries and mushrooms can be found in the area. Along the trail there are two campfire places where you can rest and eat your packed lunch. Both campfire places have also an outhouse / dry toilet (no running water available).

Basic information about the trail

Markkuu nature trail starts from the yard of old Markkuu elementary school (address for GPS/navigator: Ängeslevän-Ylipääntie 6, 91800 Tyrnävä). Unfortunately there is no public transport to the village of Markkuu but there is free parking space for cars in the yard.

The trail is 10 km long and estimated to be medium in difficulty: there are some relifs, ups and downs on the trail. It’s recommendable to use rubber boots or similar especially during spring and autumn and after other rainy seasons.

The first campfire place can be quite easily reached also with small children, the distance there is about 0,7 km. There are also a few functional points, designed to improve your balance-skills, on the trail. Three of them can be found just in the beginning of the trail, along so called ”Haltijapolku” (you could say ”Elfpath” in English) and fourth is located in the first campfire place.